Complete Estate Liquidation and Clean-out
Many times we are called upon to do a complete estate
liquidation and clean- out. Our staff will  sort  items
separating  saleable pieces from items to be discarded.  
Unlike many clean out companies, we find the quality
pieces that others throw away, many times the saleable
items  will pay for the removal of the trash.
* Sorting a antiques, collectibles and all saleable items.

* Ordering dumpsters for clean-out of all trash.

*Removal of all unnecessary trash and getting items ready
for an on-site sale.
We found thousands of dollars worth of valuable items
to be sold, other companies would consider refuse.  The
house is prepared for an estate sale.
Prices for complete liquidation and clean-out varies
with the number of dumpsters, labor, and time to
complete the work.  Call us for a quote.
Estate Liquidation and Clean-Out
Estate Liquidation
Estate Liquidation
Removal of all remaining items in the home, leaving
the house empty and broom swept. With careful
planning, the job may be complete in less than two